Without a doubt, Canada, USA, and UK are the most sought after overseas hotspots for immigration. Canada has gained more popularity in the past days, and its immigration is in demand today. It is possible to get Canadian permanent residency easily if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you are among those planning to get a residency in Canada, start your process by filing an application in the right way.

And prior to filing an application, obtaining an accurate assessment of your case is the most important part of the process. There are various options available and each application is different from another. You age, education, skill set, experience, net worth and professional or business experience is unique to your credentials and applying under a point based system, whether it is as a skilled worker or as a business applicant may significantly vary.

Hence obtaining a candid assessment from a seasoned professional comes extremely handy.

Your first immigration application is the most important one. Do not take chances in its submission. Here are some important tips to keep in mind while filling an immigration application:

1. Fill the application completely and do not leave response to any question unanswered. Ensure you do not provide false or misleading information or any information that cannot be substantiated or proved by documentation. Immigration interviews are becoming rare in the professional category. Hence the onus is on documentation and presentation of your application. Do not leave any gaps in your reporting of dates and circumstances. Any information that does not apply in your case, do not forget to mention ‘N/A’;

2. Follow the instructions regarding which pieces of documentation are required for each type of application including all of your biometric, professional / business information. Read the instructions carefully and ensure that each necessary document is attached / uploaded.

3. If any information is unavailable, mention it on the cover letter of your application with a clear explanation.

4. Keep copies of all the documents you sent or attached / upload with your immigration application. If you’ve submitted your paperwork through a courier or a licensed representative, ensure to keep copy of your application and courier receipts.

5. Finally, it is highly recommended to retain services of a licensed immigration practitioner to assist you. As I mentioned, your first application is the most important one. You cannot afford errors or omissions in your application

If you need any assistance regarding the Canadian immigration process, feel free to consult us at Business Immigration to Canada. or visit MyVisas.org.

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